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Are you tired of constantly picking up the razor or tweezers to get rid of unwanted hair? While effective, shaving and tweezing can be a tedious and consistant part of your cosmetic care regimen. Laser hair removal through the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum offers a longer-term solution to bothersome hair, helping you achieve silkier skin without the frequent application.

Radiant skin can be attained by our team of elite specialists who are eager to help you feel your best behind your skin through the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum laser hair removal experience. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover if this treatment may be your key to reclaiming radiant smooth skin.

What is Alma Soprano Ice Platinum?

The Alma Soprano Ice Platinum is a breakthrough laser technology that can safely and effectively eliminate unwanted hair across many regions of the body. Some of the most popular areas treated include the:

  • Arms

  • Underarms

  • Back

  • Legs

  • Bikini line

  • Feet

  • And more


This cutting-edge laser system combines 3 distinct laser wavelengths to target different depths of hair growth within the skin. When exposed to the gentle heat of the laser light, hair follicles– the source of all hair growth– break down and once destroyed, future hair will not be able to grow where treated. The Alma Soprano Ice Platinum grants a highly comprehensive hair removal experience while keeping your safety in mind.

What are the advantages of the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum treatment?

  • Virtually painless laser hair removal therapy

  • Safe and effective for all hair types 

  • Faster and easier laser hair removal treatment

  • No downtime following your session

  • Patients may return to their normal activities immediately

  • Designed to remove hair on virtually any area on the body, including the more sensitive areas


How many treatment sessions will I need?

Since each patient is very unique in both hair type and cosmetic goals, a series of treatments may achieve the best possible results. During your consultation, our specialists will meet with you and discuss what you are looking to accomplish through this experience while carefully examining your desired treatment areas. From there, we’ll customize a treatment plan that’s best for you. Ultimately, results will vary from person to person.

Who is a suitable candidate?

Virtually anyone may consider laser hair removal through the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum. If you are looking for a non-invasive, non-surgical hair removal treatment, contact our Centennial laser hair removal clinic to schedule your initial consultation and discover if the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum experience is right for you!

PrepCare (what to do before your appointment)

  1. Area must be shaved 24 hours prior to your appointment.

    • The closer the shave the better. 

    • Bikini services, don’t shave the part where you want to keep the hair.


  1. No makeup/lotion/deodorant on the day of your appointment (on treatment area).

  2. Stay out of direct sunlight for at least 3 days prior to your appointment (& 3 days after).

  3. Do not use self-tanner or spray tan products for at least 2 weeks before your treatment to avoid potential injury.

  4. Avoid drinking more than 2 alcoholic beverages 24 hours before your treatment.

  5. Avoid waxing/threading/tweezing in the area for at least 4 weeks. Shaving is ok!


Important notes: (1) laser services cannot be performed on women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive. (2) bikini laser services will not be performed on menstruating clients.

Post Care

  1. Redness & Bumps are NORMAL.
    Immediately after your treatment, redness & bumps at the treatment area are common; these may last up to 2 hours or longer. It is normal for the treated area to feel like a sunburn for a few hours. You should use a cold compress if the sensitivity continues. If there is any crusting, apply an antibiotic cream. Darker pigmented skin may have more discomfort than lighter skin & may persist longer.

  2. Cleanse the area treated gently.
    The treated area may be washed gently with a mild soap. Skin should be patted dry & not rubbed during the first 48 hours.

  3. No makeup & lotion/moisturizer/deodorant for the first 24 hours.
    Keep the treated area clean & dry, if further redness or irritation persists, skip your makeup & moisturizer, & deodorant (for underarms) until the irritation has subsided.

  4. Dead hairs will begin to shed 5-30 days after your treatment.
    Stubble, representing dead hair being shed from the hair follicle, will appear within 5-30 days from the treatment date. that is normal & they will fall out quickly.

  5. Exfoliate to speed up hair shedding.
    Anywhere from 5-30 days after the treatment, shedding of the hair may occur & this may appear as new hair growth. It is not new hair growth, but the dead hair pushing its way out of the follicle. You can help the hair come out by washing with a washcloth or a loofa and shaving.

  6. Avoid the sun.
    Avoid sun exposure to reduce the chance of dark or light spots for 2 months. Use sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) at all times throughout the treatment period & for 1-2 months following.

  7. Do not pick/scratch/wax/thread/tweeze the area.
    Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin. do not use any other hair removal methods or products, other than shaving, on the treated area during the course of your laser treatments, as it will prevent you from achieving the best results.

  8. Hair growth varies.
    On average, most will experience a level of hairless happiness after 6-8 sessions which will result in 80-95% of hair being completely gone; it's life changing!